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Canon PowerShot G11 Digital Camera – Pseudo-DSLR Powerhouse

While DSLRs still reign supreme in terms of flexibility and power, alternative pseudo-DSLR cameras like the Canon PowerShot G11 offer users just as much power with a bit better portability. How does it fare? Read on and find out.

Noise Reduction Headphones

Way back in the 1970’s headphones were large and extremely cumbersome. They were attached by a thick wire to a large stereo system. There were not any choices available other than those. This satisfied most, because the uses for the headphones were extremely limited. As time evolved, the creation of the headphones have taken a completely different turn.

External Noise Canceling Earbuds

Nothing is worse than external noise affecting your listening experience. The problem with maxing out the volume on your earphones to drown out external sound is that it can damage your hearing and cause ringing in your ears. For the best listening experience, you should use noise canceling earbuds. Noise canceling earbuds block ambient noise so you can focus on the music at hand without having to raise the volume.

Best Headphones For Running and Jogging

Many people are becoming a little more health conscience and starting to work out a lot more to be get healthier. Some find it better to do exercises, such as running or jogging, with a little music to help set the mood.

Bose iPod Docking Station – Are They the Best Bose iPod Speakers?

With the release of iPod docks from third-party manufacturers, picking the right and best one for your iPod is just not that easy. Competing for the best prices, the best sound quality, names like Sony, JBL, and Altec Lansing are in on the brawl but what is the best iPod docking system?

Top Notch Electronic Products in World

With the increase of consumer electronic goods, there are a lot of tech-savvy people out there who are crazy about latest electronic gadgets. The race to be the first to get latest in electronic consumer products can be seen everywhere.

Sound Canceling Headphones

If you want to get the best listening experience without sacrificing sound, sound canceling headphones are a must have. As you know, external sounds such as people talking, traffic, and other disturbances can leak into your ears while you’re listening to music. Most people that use standard headphones will have to crank up the volume to drown out outside noise but with sound canceling headphones, you can still enjoy your music at low volumes.

The Best Digital Camera Binoculars For 2010

Digital camera binoculars are a godsend for any bird watcher who has ever spotted a rare bird, only to have it fly away by the time the camera was zoomed in properly. Since these devices function as both a high powered pair of binoculars, once you are zoomed in on your target you can snap pictures until your heart is content. Here are the top five models for 2010.

Introducing the Nikon d5000

The Nikon d5000 is among the DSLRs that ranks top on the consumer reports and this is for good reasons. This singularly amazing feat of optical engineering combines the heavy punch of professional-level cameras in a slick and handy design.

Escort Passport 9500IX Review – From My Personal Experience!

I have to tell you. I spent a lot of time on the road so I really need a very good radar detector and here is my personal Escort Passport 9500IX review. This if from my own experience, and I see now that many share the same view!

Pros and Cons of 3D TV

A few years ago I saw my first 3D movie at the IMAX. It was so realistic that people where putting their hands up to touch it.

Screen Burn in Plasma TV Technology

Screen burn-in is quite common in plasma TVs since they are phosphor based display systems. This is because, the physical properties of the phosphors tend to get affected by attributes such as light and electric impulse.

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