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What Griffin Car Charger Should You Buy For Your iPad?

The mobile warriors at our online magazine were searching for a great car charger for our iPad. The Griffin PowerJolt and PowerJolt Micro are car chargers for your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. Both fit into your car’s cigarette or 12 volt DC accessory socket.

NY Times iPad App Review

The NY Times makes the first attempt at delivering news over the iPad with the free Editor’s Choice app created for the iPad. In recent times, conventional mass media has fallen behind social media and weblogs in delivering digital news as it happens.

3 iPad Cases You Must Look at When Buying Your First iPad

Switch Easy Rib Cage Case for iPad combines a sleek case with a functional, but strange looking rib cage that serves as a protect your iPad. The case rib portion is made of hardened plastic to protect your iPad’s screen and the cover is made of faux leather that would be PETA compliant.

How to Back Up and Restore Your iPad’s Data and Settings

A very common reason you have problems with your iPad is that the settings have been corrupted. You can restore your iPad to its original settings to fix any issues that come about due to corrupted settings.

Review of the HP Pavilion DV6-1215SA

Another excellent example of the popular HP Pavilion laptop range is the DV6-1215SA, which retails for under 600 GBP. Like other machines in the DV6 series, the DV6-1215SA has a sophisticated gloss black finish, called ‘Espresso’ by HP, with swirling, bubble-style patterns that lend it a quirky charm. The DV6-1215SA HP Pavilion laptop boasts a number of new design features that put it ahead of the competition, including a unique On/Off touch pad.

The Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV Boasts a Picture and Features That Are Above the Rest

If you’re looking at purchasing the Samsung LN52B750 LCD TV, you’re probably wondering “Is it worth the price?” Find out here…

Speck Fitted Case For the iPad

The roll-out of every new Apple product brings the predictable avalanche of accessories. This week we test the Fitted iPad Case from Speck, the well Apple iPhone and iPod accessory manufacturer. This particular case boasts a fabric wrapped design to provide an individual’s iPad a stylish flair while being protected by a plastic shell.

Record With Ease With Your New Digital Phone Recorder and Replace That Analog Fuzziness

Please don’t be too afraid of their intimidating technologically hypnotic buttons and dials. In a plethora of ways, the digital phone recorder is mostly comparable to your mom’s old answering machine that you’ve been using since you were a kid. While relatively commonplace nowadays, it seems you just don’t usually hear much about mp3 based phone recorders. Oh, I’m sure I am familiar with your next question. Is it the right time to buy a digital phone recorder now?

Should You Buy an Air Purifier?

You are probably wondering if you should buy an air purifier and especially if they are even worth the buy. If you have ever owned an air purifier you know that buying one is essential if you want to get rid of unwanted and harmful air particles in your house.

Choosing the Right Guillotines For Your Business

Are you a business owner? Do you need a stylish guillotine for cutting papers in your office or factory? Then don’t think further as the market is packed with several stylish guillotines. However, the selection of the right guillotine for your business work is a tedious job for many people. You should consider the following factors while purchasing an office guillotine…

The Wonders of the 6 Slice Toaster Oven

Considerations for a 6 slice toaster oven. Size, cooking convenience, time and energy savings, and various features available. Helpful information for looking at 6 slice toaster ovens.

Record All the Goings on With Your New NASCAR Radio Scanner

In a plethora of ways the NASCAR radio scanners are in many ways comparable to listening to your favorite AM station — some of which feature racing commentary. Though these products have been out for quite a while, you just can’t tell who has started using them and how many haven’t. Well I think I know what you’re about to ask. Oh yes, I’ve been in this situation before. Is it the right time to buy a NASCAR radio scanner now? Let’s see if we can make a case that it does.

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