idi Kontara leka LG Kontara ? 🤔 50″ 4K HDR Smart TV Unboxing in Telugu…

HD Ready – Sit Up and Take Notice

Lots of TV programmes are now available in HD, but you won’t be able to enjoy this extra level of quality until you own an HD ready TV. The BBC, for example, now has a dedicated channel for HD television, called BBC HD.

The LG 42PJ350 Plasma TV – Product Review

In 2009, American manufacturer Vizio decided to stop making plasma televisions altogether, and focus solely on LCD technology. Although purists still recognise that plasma televisions offer the best picture available, recent advances in LCD technology have closed the quality gap between them. As LCD models are frequently cheaper than their plasma equivalents, some people are now asking whether plasma televisions are on their way out. Could this be true?

Toshiba Regza 32AV615DB LCD Television – Review

When it comes to entertainment technology, Toshiba are masters at producing good quality equipment at unbelievably low prices. They’ve managed to do it with laptops, sound systems, and perhaps most notably with their Regza range of HD Ready televisions.

iPhone VS Blackberry – Which Device Do You Think is the Best?

Depending on who you’re asking iPhone outsells Blackberry one quarter, while iPhone rebounds and outsells Blackberry the next. So who is really on top? Well let us give you a tip, it isn’t Blackberry and it isn’t iPhone, and comparing the two is again, apples and oranges.

LG 42LH3000 – Product Review

There is a common misconception that to get a 42 inch HD Ready flat screen television, you have to spend a lot of money. Okay, quite a few televisions in this size are going to set you back just under a thousand pounds, but not all.

Sony KDL-52EX700 – HD LCD Television Review

When it comes to consumer electronics, few manufacturers have a reputation to rival Sony’s. The company has been at the forefront of home entertainment technology for years, and is well known for producing attractive, high-quality goods that are reliable and durable. With their Bravia range of HD LCD TVs, they have once again set the standard and produced a range of TVs against which all others are judged.

The Best 3CCD Camcorders

Technology has added a long list of features to the latest 3ccd camcorders, all intended to add capabilities for the person shooting the video and improve overall picture quality. The term 3ccd refers to an enhanced imaging system using ‘charge-coupled devices’ (ccd’s.) The result is improved resolution over previous technology, but with today’s advances that is just the beginning.

Sharp LC-46LE820UN TV – Watch Live Action

Waiting to explore a whole new world of surprises, here is the Sharp LC-46LE820UN TV to excite you with its live viewing experience. You can catch live action and enjoy the essence of music through this high-definition television.

Type of Digital Pocket Scale

As we all know with advancement in technology, things are getting smaller and smarter. Recently, I come across a tiny gadget in a store which sells gadgets related to bathrooms and kitchens.

Sharp LCD Televisions – Review

In appearance, the LC-32SH7E is a lot like Samsung’s B550 model, which is no bad thing. The bezel is a uniform black gloss colour, much like many other LCD televisions, and has a sleek, sexy look about it.

Do You Need Digital Scales For Cooking?

Digital kitchen scales are now considered to be a must have in the home as these scales keep getting cheaper day by day. Otherwise, these scales are only limited to be used by professionals in restaurants and not in the common house hold.

HF200 Canon Camcorder – Specs and Reviews

The HF200 Canon camcorder might be a little pricey but its convenient handiness and ability to produce high-resolution videos and pictures make it worth every dime. It’s a great investment that goes a long way be it for home use or an advanced shooting experience.

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