Jio Phone Next Unboxing & Quick Review || in Telugu ||

Onda MP4 Player Review – VX575HD 8GB HDMI 5 Inch TFT Screen With TV Out

Onda is one of brands in China, which deals with media players, especially MP4 players. Its products are now becoming more and more popular. This article introduces you one of its flagship products Onda VX575HD, welcome to enjoy it.

The Joys of the “Tech Gadget” – It’s Here to Stay

We know what your kids are screaming for. And it probably has lots of lights and makes loud noises.

You Won’t Find This Book, Anywhere

In this article you will learn about the Microsoft Courier. The greatest part about this new e-reader from Microsoft is the books. After reading the article, the reader should have peace of mind to know that buying this particular e-reader will help with the ever changing technology.

880 Remote – Arguably the Best Universal Remote

Setting up the remote control is easy. Before you actually use it, it guides you through a wizard that asks you about your particular preferences. Using it is even easier.

What’s a Library?

With books becoming harder to find people are becoming less likely to buy them. Books have dropped in the last decade due to the increase of portable mp3 players.

Microsoft Will Put the Apple in a Crate With This

This article talks a little bit about the pros of the new Microsoft Courier and why it’s going to be so popular when it comes out. This, as far as e-readers goes, will be #1 on every body’s Christmas list this year. The article also talks about its closest “rival” with Apple and Microsoft always trying to steal the spotlight.

You Decide Which is Better, Apple Or Microsoft?

When Microsoft heard that Apple was making a tablet, they knew what to do. Microsoft stepped up the game and created a brand new e-reader that is out of this world.

The Flip Video Camera – Reasons to Buy the Flip Mini Camcorder

If you are looking for an ultra compact mini camcorder, you should definitely consider investing in the new range of Flip video Mini camcorders. They are easy to carry around because they are pocket size and they also come in a great range of colours so you can choose one to compliment your other electronic gadgets like your mobile phone etc.

Flat Screen Plasma TV

The Plasma monitor was invented in the 1960s at the University of Illinois. This was however a monochrome display, which is capable of displaying only in shades of one color. Building on this, by 1992, the Japanese company Fuji was able to produce the world’s first color monitor that used plasma technology.

Canon EOS – Best Digital SLR Camera Series

The Canon Electro-optical system which is more commonly known as Canon EOS is one of the most famous digital SLR camera series. It has a wide range of cameras which includes several models.

Cheap Portable DVD Players – What to Know and Where to Find Them

Portable DVD Players, whether they are cheap or not, (commonly abbreviated to PDP) is the name given to any potable device with the primary function of playing DVD’s. Most electronic companies have PDP’s on the market but some companies have established a greater percentage of market share.

How to Save Money When Your DLP Lamp Dies

The average DLP lamp only has a life expectancy of several years depending on the usage. When your lamp eventually dies, you will want to try and save as much money when getting a new one as possible. Bargain shopping and haggling are great, but you might even be able to get one for free if you are lucky.

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