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The New Surge in 3D TV Technology is Upon Us

Interestingly, 3D TV Technology has been existing for numerous years now. This unique engineering science is now currently being observed in not only the movie industry, but at the present, there is definitely an explosion of 3D technological innovation also being made attainable to the consumer in the HDTV market place. There are currently products being launched to the television market place which are in the market today for purchase and use in your personal Home 3D Theater experience.

Quick Review of Sony’s New 3D Blu-Ray Disc Player – BDP-S470

Sony’s latest Blu-ray Player BDP-S470 is 3D ready. Has streaming media available and WI-FI. Read more to find out if this Blu-ray Player can compete in an every growing Blu-ray market.

European Women Becoming Big Fans of DSLRs

Around the world, sales of digital cameras are on the upswing. This has been the trend even amidst the global economic crisis last year.

HoodLoupe 3.0

What do you do when you want to take a picture in bright sunlight with your digital camera? And the viewfinder darkens so much from the sunlight that you can’t see where you’re pointing? Why not look into a HoodLoupe?

Disadvantages of HD DVD Camcorders

A lot of people think that HD DVD camcorders provide video quality. If you own one and experience it, you will agree that it is still far from perfect.

Getting to Know Waterproof Camcorders

Many of us love to go to wide open places to relax. The beach and the lake are always among the popular choice. With each trip that we make, we also like to take pictures – and lots of them to be able to share with friends and family the immortalized images of that special day.

The Best Beard Trimmer For Your Needs

Shaving every day can be a very daunting task for many men. The alternative to shaving can provide a barbaric result that many men want to avoid. A beard trimmer is a great way to take some of the work out of shaving with an average razor every day.

Klipsch Image S4 Headphones

My entry into the canalphone-type headphones was in the form of the popular Sennheiser CX300’s. I didn’t have a need for anything too extravagant, as I had my full-size headphones for home use that were sure to outperform all but the finest canalphones. However, owning an expensive pair of full-size headphones left me wary of what sort of portable ones I’d be willing to endure, and I knew I needed a happy medium.

Advantages of Buying a Mini DVD Camcorder

One of the hot selling camcorders in the market recently is the Mini DVD camcorder. Perhaps, it is the best camcorder recognized by the current society and I am proud to share with you its advantages over other types of camcorders.

How to Find a Good HD DVD Recorder?

Looking for a HD DVD recorder? Read these tips and get a good one.

The Canon Rebel XSI – A Quick Review

The Canon Rebel XSI, introduced in May 2008, may no longer be getting the glamour & rave that is currently accorded to the newer rebel models such as the T2i. However, because of price discounts that inevitably come with the introduction of new models, interest in the XSI has increased, hence, this article.

A Fixed Projector Screen For Your Home Theater

If you are in the process of setting up a home theater, and you are planning on using a projector, you will want to invest in a fixed projector screen as well. Standard fixed projector screens cost anywhere from around $350 on, if you are buying the ninety two inch screen, which is the recommended size, normally, for home theaters.

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