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1080p TV Review

If you’re in the market for a new television, you’re not alone. Many people are looking to finally make the switch to HDTV sets. However, making the move can be confusing and the number of brands on the market doesn’t help. We’ll compare three 1080p TV models to see which might be the choice for your home. Keep in mind that 1080p is the highest resolution available currently and does cost more.

32″ LCD HDTV Review

A 32″ LCD HDTV model is a good choice for rooms with limited space. The picture quality is amazing and the technology just keeps improving. You do want to measure the viewing space in your room to make sure you don’t end up with a screen that is too small for your needs.

Sansa Player Review

Most people are excited by new technology and want to rush out to buy the latest gadget. That’s not always the best idea. From the laser disc player to the Sony MiniDisk, some technologies have gone the way of the dodo. Now a new Sansa player has entered the market and only time (and a thorough review) will determine whether it will become the VCR or the Betamax player of the digital music age.

Sansa MP3 Review

Sandisk, known best for making memory cards for cameras and similar devices, also has a line of MP3 players known as the Sansa MP3 models. Currently, the Sansa line includes three options: the Clip, the Fuze, and the View. Let’s look at all three of these models to see which might be the best choice for your music listening needs.

Zune Car Chargers and Accessories

Zune is a company bent on competing with the latest model iPod. To compete they have developed a strong line of mp3 players in many sizes. Whichever Zune you settle on you will likely want to use it on the go, hence the name portable media player. Zune car chargers and accessories are available at many online sites like Amazon.

20 GB MP3 Players – An Overview

Mp3 players have really begun to grow in memory size over the last couple of years. Along with size increases have come changes to the internal mechanisms, memory types, and supported files.

50 Inch Plasma TV Review

If you’ve been won over by the idea of hanging your television on the wall just as you might hang a portrait, then the 50″ plasma model might be for you. By 50, we mean 50 inches. By plasma, we mean one of the hottest television technologies available. While this idea of having a massive screen mounted to your wall almost like in a movie theater is impressive, the real question is should you make the purchase?

Touch Screen Protectors

You have been eyeballing a new media digital mp3 player, one with a touch screen interface. The only problem is you can imagine what little fingers are going to do to the screen.

MP3 Accessories

You can accessorize your home, outfit and now your digital MP3 player. MP3 accessories have become big business and you can get everything from carrying MP3 cases to decorative jewels for jazzing up your media player.

Sharp 37 Inch 1080p

If you are in the market for a 37-inch television, you might want to consider the Sharp line of products. Sharp Corporation has been in business since 1912 when they produced mechanical pencils from which the company got its name. After an earthquake destroyed the pencil, manufacturing the company moved to Osaka where they began their long history with electronics.

42 Inch TV HDTV – The Right Size

Technology has moved at an amazing pace and if you are like many people, you have been hesitant to upgrade your television amidst the chaos. Moreover, it is difficult to know what television to get, LCD or plasma.

37 Inch HDTV 1080p Defined

Picture the day; you walk into the electronics department to look for a new small television. There they hang, lined up on the wall with price tags beneath all playing the same color rich images over and over. The problem is there are three on the bottom row with similar picture quality and appearance but the prices vary greatly. Try as you might you cannot tell why one is higher than another is. Then you spy the secret code, 37″ HDTV 1080p!

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