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How to Get a Free Apple iPhone 4!

Every once in awhile a great opportunity comes around, such as becoming a tester for Apple’s new products. Recently, it has been announced that the new Apple iPhone 4 is being given away FREE to testers all over the world for a limited time! You might think that this opportunity sounds way too good to be true, and you wouldn’t qualify for an opportunity like this. Fortunately, obtaining a new Apple iPhone 4 for free is easier than most people think. Wouldn’t it be great to own such a great phone without having to shell out the big bucks?

Flip Mino HD Review

The Flip Mino HD is a small video recorder that gets the name in part due to the very handy USB connector that ‘flips’ out of the body of this small and portable digital video camera. Of course, the design is only one aspect of the popularity of this perennial best selling video camera that is a constant contender on the best selling digital camera lists.

Why People Buy LCD TV Monitors

Many people enjoy sitting down and watching TV. It is very relaxing, and can help with reducing stress. Having the pictures clear and crisp is nice. Back in the old days people would settle for watching movies with lines going across the screen, or the picture fading out but now so much has changed. Part of this change is because of the new LCD TV monitors that we now have.

Top 5 Portable DVD Players – 2010 Favorites

The Top 5 Portable DVD Players for 2010 have a rather nice combination of features, high ranking reviews and some of them are also priced for even those on a tight budget. While many people might think that it would cost too high of a price tag to purchase a portable DVD player this year, this is perhaps not the case. One other thing to keep in mind with these players…

Top 5 Internet Tablets 2010 – The Best Sellers

It seems that technology is truly moving at a faster pace than ever these days, evidenced by the list of the Top 5 Internet Tablets for 2010. This year there are some nice choices to be had with these tablets, and in the not too distant future I am certain that there will be more selection in terms of brands and choices of features.

Forget National Geographic, Start Your Own Album That Captures the World’s Imagination!

In days past we used to have to wait for our latest edition of National Geographic. I remember sitting at my grandmother’s house over the summer in anticipation the slot would open and viola the National Geographic would finally arrive, hand delivered to me especially as I stalked the postman all summer. I just wanted to see amazing pictures of people, animals and the oceans.

The Difference Between Condenser and Dynamic Microphones

Whether you’re recording a podcast in your basement or performing live music in an auditorium, having the right kind of microphones is crucial. There are two types: Condenser and Dynamic, we discuss the differences.

Affordable Alternative to Audio Players

If you’re looking for an affordable alternative to Microsoft or Apple’s audio players, checking out the MP3 Creative players might be a good strategy. Creative Labs does have a good reputation in the industry and produces dependable products overall. The two newest examples of MP3 Creative players are the Mozaic and the Zen X-Fi.

Car Audio With DVD Reviews

No name is more recognizable in the electronics field than Pioneer. DVD player, blue ray devices, and home theater systems are just a few of the things they do well. Pioneer car audio is the one area that nearly everyone knows well.

Brown Zune

Do you want an mp3 player that has it all? The brown Zune could be the player for you. Take all your entertainment with you and even enjoy FM radio if the desire takes you. It also has this neat little feature where you can share music and other files with all of your friends.

30GB Brown Zune

Microsoft has ingratiated themselves into the lives of most people through their computer hardware and software. They have a long history of innovation and some of that experience is being shown in the personal media field. The 30gb Brown Zune is Microsoft’s answer to the iPod and the Creative Zen line of products and it appears they are doing quite well. First, a little information on the player itself.

Copy Xbox 360 Games – Industry Insider Reveals How to Do It

If you have ever tried to copy Xbox 360 games then you will know that its not just as simple as using software like Nero or other conventional PC disc copying software. That is because all Xbox 360 games come with copy protection built in. However, if you need to make a backup copy of your game disc then you will need to learn how to make copies that work every time.

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