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Kodak Zi8 Digital Video Recorder Review

The Kodak Zi8 is a small and compact portable camera that offers an impressive feature set for the price. HD video recording with one touch recording of up to 1080p with accompanying stereo sound via the built in microphone is the first and most popular feature.

Amazon Kindle DX Review – Is it Really Worth the Extra Money?

This is a review of the AMAZON Kindle DX. IN this article I review the various new features the KINDLE DX has, how the larger screen improves reader experience and plus find out just how big it is. I will also help answer the question, not only is the Kindle worth your investment, but is the Kindle DX specifically worth the extra money you need to dish out for it.

Here’s Why the iPad Requires iPad Insurance

Undoubtedly, the iPad from Apple is this summers must have unit. You’ll see quite a lot of people thinking to purchase these possibly on Apple’s launch day or across the twelve months, and maybe they are sure to top numerous individual’s Christmas lists.

Braun Series 7 790 Shaver – Read This Review and See If it Really is Worth Getting

The Braun Series 7 790cc shaver has been getting a lot of press. I have a number of friends who have one and have only good things to say about it. I thought it would be good to get one and do a review and share it with you so you can see if it is really good or not.

Fish Computer Mouse – An Amusing Item

I like fish as I like most forms of animal. That is why I love my new fish mouse… mouse fish… ok Novelty mouse.

Tech Gadgets Mysteries, What is a Binary Watch?

Wondered exactly how binary watches work and how to read them? Read on to find out more about the binary watch.

The Canon A1100 Powershot – Is it Truly Easy to Use?

Is the new Canon A1100 Powershot really easy to use? If you’re considering buying one for yourself, read on to find out the information you need to know BEFORE you buy one.

Tips For Choosing Your Pocket AM FM Radios

A pocket AM FM radio has brought the ease of the radio into the lives of many who lead active lifestyles. Radio listeners can now listen to the radio wherever they want, while enjoying it with the privacy of a headphone jack.

The Break Down of the All Mighty Atomic Wall Clock!

Atomic wall clocks use a special type of technology called atomic resonance frequency standard, invented in 1949, to automatically detect time. They are more automatic, effortless, and easy to use than traditional time clocks which require you to set the time manually. Most will show the time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

Read a Book With the iPad

There are a lot of new and amazing features found on the iPad. Now that you’ve had time to play with your new toy for a while, it’s time to check out a great feature I discovered. My favorite thing to do on my iPad is to read books.

New Guide Feature Makes DSLR Camera Easier to Use

For many people who are used to seeing and using just the handy and lightweight point and shoot digital cameras, the bigger sized DSLR somehow intimidates them. More often than not, they shy away from purchasing this type of camera, even though they can well afford it, for fear that it might be difficult and complicated to use.

What You Can Do With Camcorders

Are you excited to record the special moments of your dear ones? Be a movie producer by using a digital camcorder. It is easy to use and you need no prior or special training to handle it. If you have never used it before and if your device is new just read the user manual and follow step by step. Once you start using it, you will be familiar with the handling mechanism besides using of the menu and controls.

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