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How Do E-Book Readers Compare With Real Books?

The popularity of e-book readers increased enormously during the course of 2009. The launch of the Amazon Kindle 2.0 and the large format Kindle DX, followed up by competing readers like the Nook from Barnes and Noble and Sony’s Daily Edition reader in the latter part of the year, put both e-book readers and e-books firmly on the map.

Jinke A6 Electronic Book Reader Review

Jinke is doing some major overhaul with their Jinke A6 Electronic Book Reader. The latest addition to the family of Jinke, the A will come with a 6-inch screen, improved grayscales, and multi-touch capability. But instead of sticking to the E-ink Vizplex panel, the Jinke A6 will be sporting AU Optronic’s SiPix panel.

Why You Need a Projector Screen For Your Home Theater

A home theater system is a more and more common sight in homes today. Many homeowners are willing to spend a significant amount of money to bring the movie theater experience into their very home.

What Are the Different Garmin Marine Electronics Available For Your Use?

Are you considering getting Garmin marine electronics but are not sure what all is available? There are many different marine electronics available these days from Garmin. Learn what the different marine electronics are now.

Understanding Memory Cards For Digital Cameras

For most, memory cards for digital cameras are no longer just a luxury. Unless you want to keep your computer with you, you will likely need additional memory. The new generation of cameras do not have a lot of memory when you buy them. Your present camera may need some extra memory also.

New Document Imaging Devices – Latest Buyer Advice

The world of document imaging devices is constantly changing – new copiers, scanners, printers and multifunction devices (MFD’s) are being released all the time and it’s understandable that many buyers feel quite bewildered when it comes to making choices of their own. To guide them through what may seem something of a minefield, Falcon Document Management have released five easy-to-follow tips, to ensure no one is led too far astray.

10 Megapixel Camera – Panasonic DMC-FZ28K Black

Camera has to be excellent in performance and fabulous in style. Without the latter parameter, the camera can not succeed in the market. The lens should be well focused and as to zoom through good distances. The resolution of the images coming of the camera should speak about the camera’s features rather then its cost.

Advantages of the K3 Solar & Wind Charger

Some people may inquire just what a K3 Solar Charger is and may assume that it is just another solar powered battery charger. In truth, it is that and much more.

3 Reasons to Choose the Kodak Zi6

Buying a video camera these days has become a tough decision. There are so many to choose from: so many brands, features, sizes and even colors. But if you are looking for an inexpensive video camera that you won’t regret buying, the Kodak Zi6 is a good choice.

My Review of an Ionic Breeze Air Purifier – Quadra

The purifier is intended to be able to run 24 hours a day since it is an electrostatic system and doesn’t use a typical motor. This is beneficial since it uses less than 15 watts of power so it’s reasonable to allow it to run constantly without worry of excessive power use.

The Kindle

The Kindle, the brand new eBook reader available exclusive from Amazon, is an awesome piece of technology, the very latest ‘must have’ gadget for those of us who ‘need’ to have the latest ‘cutting edge’ accessories. I guess this would appeal to all iPhone users.

The Best Waterproof Video Cameras

Waterproof Video Cameras or waterproof camcorders can help you capture all of life’s fun and exciting moments in the water. Image being able take a video under water without your video camera being destroyed in the process, now that is amazing. There are a wide range of water proof cameras on the market today with brands like Sanyo Xacti, and many more.

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