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Wacom Intuous 4 Review

Wacom introduced their first cordless pen in 1989 and has since earned a reputation for producing high quality pen tablets. Surprisingly, it took Wacom nearly 20 years to create a second-generation refined tip sensor as embodied in the Wacom Intuos 4.

Samsung BD-C6900 Review – More Than Just a Blu-Ray Player

In 1968 Johnny Cash sang about listening to ‘a train a comin’ in his hit remake of ‘Folsom Prison Blues’. Now Samsung has just introduced the track and the actual train straight into your own family room using its new BD-C6900 3D Blu-Ray player.

Top Home Projection Theaters Review

Home projector theaters are available for anyone to buy and set up at home. It can turn your movie watching into a surreal experience.

How to Improve the iPad

The Apple iPad is touted as the most revolutionary and innovative product that Apple has released. It is also the most riskiest product that Apple has created. It is a product that has caused a lot of debate and controversies on the internet because it is such a new innovative device. Apple has hedged a lot of marketing money and technology to this device, but it has many technological and consumer shortcomings. Here are 9 ways to improve the iPad.

Apple iPad Tablet Finally Released!

The much anticipated and much wanted Apple iPad Tablet is finally here! That’s the good news.

Are Microwaves Safe?

One of the essential kitchen devices is the microwave oven. It has been used by many people for decades and has given convenient times and applications especially to individuals who don’t have much time in preparing meals or cooking foods. When it comes to disadvantage, people know that it is not best to come or stand near microwaves as they are not safe because of heat.

Features and Reviews of the Apple iPhone 3G

iPhones have impressed customers with their great features. You can use the iPhone 3G as an iPod in addition to its use as a phone; not only that, you can browse the internet too using it. This means that an iPhone 3G is a handy product for those who travel frequently or are away from their family for a long time.

Sony Bravia KDL52v5810U Freesat LCD Television Reviewed

Sony’s 52-inch Bravia HD LCD TV is new on several levels. The piano-black, classic finish encases high tech features to bring you superior picture and formidable sound. Another new feature is a cabinet that houses both a freesat and a freeview tuner.

Affordable Cables

As from the name itself, you can judge that this source is going to tell about certain information’s on affordable cables. There are several classifications in the cables and some of the cables are HDMI cables, Dynex HDMI cables, DVI cables, Ethernet cables etc. In case if you get a chance to analyze the price difference of cables from one store to another store, then it is the right time for you to know what is the use and the differences between each cable

MP3 Sunglasses With a Sneaky Little Bonus!

I have a fond little memory of being a kid and saving up box tops so that I could send them in to the PO Box for some company in New Jersey. The advertisement that caught my young attention read something along the lines of “Amaze your friends with these Spectacular X-Ray Glasses”. I was so excited when I had the required amount of box tops and quickly got them in the mail.

Canon Powershot – A Little History

The Powershot series was introduced into the market by Canon in 1995. Ever since, it has only grown bigger and more popular worldwide. What is the reason behind the success of the Powershot series?

Make the Right Choice When Buying an LCD TV Monitor

When it comes to televisions, there are many different brands, models, and sizes. It is important that you compare them so that you make sure you are getting the best quality LCD TV monitor for your dollar.

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