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Vizio XVT 3D TV System – 72 Inches of 3D Flat Screen TV

Another year, another Vizio monster screen, but this time it comes in the shape of a gargantuan 72-inch 3D flat screen TV. Last year’s top model was the 55-inch back-lit XVT, complete with Wi-Fi, that came in at a very competitive $2K.

Nothing Like Having a Digital Camcorder is There? Let Me Help You Decide Easily

Mini DV camcorder has dominated the world of camcorders for a long time. However, with several choices such as optical media camcorders, flash memory camcorders, hard disk camcorders, how do you decide which is best? Mini DV camcorder owes its popularity to the recording media it uses.

Hand-Held Ebook Reader – What to Look Out For When Buying a Wireless Reading Device

You have perhaps seen them referred to as a hand-held ebook reader or a wireless portable reading device, among other names, but are they the same thing? The answer is yes, but they all have different features, some good and some not so good, but either way there are a few major features that you need to make sure it has before you purchase.

Olympus Digital Camera – Capture Perfection

Among all the latest camera model brands, Olympus has gained a special place for itself. There are many things that can be illustrated as great and extraordinary when it comes to Olympus camera.

Why LCD TVs Are a Good Investment

LCD TVs are one of the latest generations of television models, making its way into our everyday life very soon and taking over the television market share by storm. As of our current time, LCD TVs are more than 50% of the market share of television sets in the world. With more than half the television watching population owning a LCD TV, there is without a doubt that LCD TVs are a very worthy investment in terms of economy in energy consumption and great entertainment for the whole family.

Buying a Cheap LCD TV – Things to Consider

Watching TV shows on television is the most popular kind of hobby around the world. The reason why is that it doesn’t cost much to have the experience. Due to advancements in technology, the traditional Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) is slowly being replaced by Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) TV. LCD TVs are more practical and convenient because it is much lighter and with varying models that usually comes in wider screens.

Skullcandy Headphones

Skullcandy headphones – probably some of the coolest looking headphones you will ever see. If you haven’t seen any of the SkullCandy headphones before, that would be because they are a fairly new manufacturer to the market. They are now well known for their rather interesting product designs but don’t think that is the only thing they offer.

The Citizen Aqualand Diving Watch – The New Way to Tell Time

All watches can tell you the time, but not all watches can tell you the time 600 feet below the ocean surface. The Citizen Aqualand watch is a masterful timepiece. It has many features that are both convenient and astounding. Here are a few of the features that separate the Citizen Aqualand watch from the rest of the pack.

Atomic Projection Clocks – A Unique Way of Checking Time

These are radio controlled clocks which project time of the atomic clock in Colorado, US. These can be mounted on the ceilings or walls. The time is shown digitally. They are easily adjustable. They give perfect time.

About Zazen Professional Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer

Hair dryers have now come a long way, and are now more than an equipment to blow dry your hair. One of the recent additions in the industry is hair dryer or blow dryer made from ceramic and ionic technologies. In contrast to conventional blow dryers that may damage your hair, this hair dryer works gently on your hair, as ionic and ceramic elements have capability to deeply penetrate into the hair shaft from the inside via breaking down water molecules, thereby preserving moisture and causing less damage to your hair.

37 Inch TVs

When it is time to purchase a new TV for the bedroom, a 37 inch TV is the perfect size. It does not require a lot of space but still produces an image of sufficient size to see from across the room while you relax in bed.

Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47 Inch 1080p LCD HDTV Review

Toshiba REGZA 47ZV650U 47-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV comes in piano glossy finish with silver dotted border, very elegant. This unit has super resolution technology that improves the overall quality of the picture. With 4 HDMI ports, it allows users to use it as computer monitor.

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