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What is a Touch LCD?

A touch LCD is exactly what it sounds like it is, and LCD that you can touch to operate the software that is on it instead of using another input device. The advantages of a touch LCD are many, and just to make sure you know what they are, I’m going to tell you about them.

Samsung UN55B8000 55-Inch LED HDTV (Full-HD 1080P)

The Samsung UN55B8000 is currently one of the most popular 55-inch LED HDTVs in the market and for good reasons too. Here is a quick review of this LED HDTV model.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – The Basics of How They Block Unwanted Noise

There are basically two types of headphones created to reduce background noise. Passive noise cancelling headphones and active noise canceling headphones. The passive type muffles extraneous sounds while the active ones electronically decrease external noise.

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device – Why I Love It

The Kindle Wireless Reading Device is the newest way to read and enjoy all of the wonderful books you love. Kindle wireless reading device is as light as a small paper back book and you don’t have to worry yourself about going to book store or the library to get a new book when you’re finished reading one. All you have to do is click a button and gain access to a digital book library of over 400,000 books.

The Best Camcorder You Can Buy Today!

There are lots of cameras sold in the market today and more and more people pay a lot of money to buy an expensive camera to produce quality of pictures. True! Expensive camera produces quality of pictures and most photographers are using it. But for moms who do not need to buy expensive camera, I found out that there are less expensive cameras available in the market which can produce the same quality of pictures of the expensive one. Here are some cheap cameras that captures great photographs.

3 Helpful Tips to Know Before Purchasing a Digital Camera

So you’re thinking about buying a digital camera but don’t know which one yet? There are many places full of different brands that have different features and a huge variety of different prices to match. The task of buying the right digital camera can be overwhelming.

A Brilliant DreamBox 800

The DreamBox is a Linux-powered DVB satellite, produced by German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia. Its firmware is officially user-upgradable.

Review of Balanzza Luggage Scales – Weighing the Options

In the world of luggage scales, one name stands out from the rest as a heavy weight, the Balanzza. Balanzza scales are lightweight, affordable and easy to use. They have more to offer than many competing scales and are praised for their extreme accuracy. Read on to find out more!

Safe Electrical Buying Guide – Make Sure You Get Warranties and Guarantees

Buying electrical goods is a common occurrence these days with lots of electrical appliances being used every day and people buying newer and more advanced versions as time passes. Considering how expensive some larger kitchen appliances and televisions can be very expensive we need to know that we have bought the right model and that we haven’t wasted our money.

Atomic Clock Synchronization Made Easy With an NTP Time Server

Atomic clocks are the ultimate in timekeeping devices. Their accuracy is incredible as an atomic clock will not drift by as much as a second within a million years, and when this is compared to the next best chronometers, such as electronic clock that can drift by a second in a week, an atomic clock is incredibly more precise.

Common Issues in Time Synchronisation

Time synchronization is essential in modern computer networking especially with the amount of time sensitive transactions conducted over the internet these days. Without adequate synchronization computer systems will: * Be vulnerable to malicious attacks * Susceptible to data loss * Unable to conduct time sensitive transactions * Difficult to debug Fortunately ensuring a computer network is accurately synchronized is relatively straight forward. There different methods of synchronizing a network to the global timescale UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) but occasionally some common issues do arise.

Digital Bathroom Scales – Features to Consider When Making a Purchase

If you have started considering digital bathroom scales, you might be a little overwhelmed at all the types you could buy. You may also be asking yourself exactly what on earth you are going to want with a few of these features. Remember the old days when you stood on the scale and the little line flicked back and forth until it landed on your pounds?

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