TechNews 969: Samsung Frame TV, iQOO Z5X, Nasa, Realme Laptop, Apple Watch Saves Life

Olympus E – PL1

Olympus had not a very active market back some time but it has emerged with some brilliant products which took the markets by storm and Olympus E-PL1 camera is one of them. You can hardly find a camera with as good features as E-PL1 and also with highly affordable price.

Getting Ready For the 2010 World Soccer – LCD Enclosure Global Explained

The 2010 Fifa World Cup is just around the corner and everyone from bar, restaurant and motel owners are counting down the hours, want to know why? Well in the past eighteen months these businesses have struggled, with less customers drinking in pubs as well as people eating out all down to people alike having to pull in their belts to get through the recession.

Kodak PlaySport Waterproof Pocket HD Camcorder

If you are looking for a mini HD camcorder that gives you great value for money, you just have to get the waterproof Kodak PlaySport mini HD camcorder. Here is a closer look at this very popular model.

Summer Infant Handheld Monitor – Why You Need One and Where to Get it

If you are looking for a baby monitor that has earned the trust and applause of parents everywhere, the Summer infant handheld monitor is the one you want. Among the many monitors that are available for purchase, this one is special. I will tell you why this monitor has parents breathing a sigh of relief. I will also help you find one at a great price.

DVD Players Give You Relaxation and Pleasure

As living standards improve everywhere, people’s taste for finer things of life also increases. And entertainment is one such finer things of life which gives you relaxation and pleasure.

Why Wireless Digital Surveillance Is a Good Idea

Wireless digital surveillance cameras are excellent for protecting your home or business. There are no monthly fees to pay.You don’t have to leave the safety of your home or business in the care of some one who might be thousands of miles away.

Purchasing Breathalyzer Guides

A breathalyzer is a device which is used for measuring the Blood Alcohol Content in the body after drinking alcohol. It measures by using the breath from the lungs. Therefore, it will be very helpful for those who like to drink alcohol.

Sharp LC22DV27UT 22-Inch LCD HDTV (With Built-In DVD Player)

HDTV models with built-in DVD players are getting more and more popular nowadays, thanks to their space saving design. Here is a quick review of the new Sharp LC22DV27UT 22-inch LCD TV model.

Fingerprint Recognition is the Most Accepted Method When it Comes to Biometric Scanners

How many times have we lost our keys or forgotten our passwords? It has happened to me too many times already.

The LCD HDTV Buyers Guide – How to Choose the Right HDTV

Although 3D TV is all the rage in the news, most are too expensive for us working stiffs. Thus, LCD HDTV systems are still the main choice in Television sets-and will be the subject of this guide.

Will the Watch Mobile Phone, iWatch Turn to Be the Reality?

In current years, the watch mobile phone seems to be becoming a new fashion. No matter the self-customizing luxury watch brands or the mobile phone manufacturers such as Samsung and LG have ever launched the finely designed watch phones.

Buying a Hands Free Telephone

When was the final time you had been driving to work and fumbling aimlessly together with your cell phone. Do not feel embarrassed about it! You’re not the one one by any means. In reality, should you take a drive proper now, you’ll possible spot tons of individuals chatting on cell phones prefer it’s no huge distraction.

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