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Cherrypal – The Next $100 Netbook?

The Cherrypal is supposed to be the next $100 netbook. It’s focused on going to Africa. Running low powered version of Linux, a netbook like this could grant some educational and business opportunities.

3D TVs – A Quantum Leap For Video Games

Video games have been with us for a long time now, and their progression has been astounding. The first mainstream video game was Atari’s Pong, released in 1972.

Sony KDL-55EX503 Review

People looking out for the best and truly striking TV model from Sony, can now check out the latest Sony KDL-55EX503, which has been making waves since it has been launched. This model is amongst the best till date and comes with really interesting features.

DVD Player – The Right Electronic Device For You

If you are searching for the right electronic device for you, it is better for you to choose a DVD player because it is useful to play some movies at your home. By having this player, you will not feel bored because you have the best entertainment at your home. You just need to insert your disk in it and enjoy seeing the movies or videos. This player is considered as the best entertainment you need to consider for your needs.

The Explosion of 3D Television

There’s a lot of buzz at the moment in television industry press and at tech shows about 3D television. But who will buy these new sets, and is it just industry professionals who are rallying behind this new technology?

LG 37SL8000 Review

A long long time ago inhabitants of this beautiful planet of ours could only view objects once and that was the end of it. With time the earliest and most primitive men came up with drawings to freeze moments memory alone could not store. But nowadays things have changed and television sets are found in almost every home. One particular television set that is technologically advanced is the LG 37SL8000.

HDMI TV Cables – The Crisp Clear Picture

When you first make that big purchase for a HDTV and get it home, you will realize that newer models television sets are more computerized than the previous analog models and will come with a lot of features to enhance the quality of the digital experience. The most important feature is the HDMI receiver, meaning High-Definition Multimedia Interface, requires the use of a HDMI connection.

Durabrand Portable DVD Players – One of the Best!

Just take a moment, close your eyes and look around your house. From your TV to the fridge, laptop, iPod, music player, DVD system, air conditioner and various umpteen things which constitute your life now and if we are out of one of these devices, we feel totally helpless and frustrated. That has what technology has done for us, we totally sleep, breathe and smile in the amazing inventions of our life.

The LG 32LH30 – Why You Should Make the LG 32LH30 Your Next HDTV

Okay, you’ve put it off long enough. Everyone’s talking about how great high-definition TV looks; how sharp the picture is, how vivid the colors are. But you’re still watching a ten-year-old CRT television in standard definition. It’s time to take the leap into the 21st century and buy your first hi-def TV. But which brand? Which model? How much is this going to cost you? And what’s so great about the LG32LH30? Well, that’s what we hope to help you answer.

Coolest Gadgets and Electronics

Is anyone searching for coolest gadgets now? Without a doubt, electronic devices make life easy and enjoyable.

Is Philips Norelco Speed XL Electric 8270XL Worth to Buy?

I’ve used Norelco shavers for many years and specifically, a Norelco Model 9160XL for the past 5 years. The on/off switch is becoming balky so I started the look for a replacement and ended up using the SmartTouch Contour System Shaver, Philips Norelco speed XL electric 8270XL.

Electronic Gadgets and Surveillance Gadgets

One does not need to search too much to find an item she or he could be missing. With Internet evolution being trendy now, the shopping technique has also become extremely easy.

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